Jungroo Assess

Jungroo Assess, is an artificial intelligence that mimics an oral examiner to find learning gaps and test learning readiness of the learners using an adaptive assessment engine.

It generates insights to increase educator effectiveness by providing information at a very atomic level about the learners. The learners take up an adaptive assessment that adapts to the knowledge level of the learner.

The unique idea about Jungroo Assess is that, it is not a rule based adaptive engine. It is AI driven and hence is very accurate and efficient. It precisely locates the learner at a very micro level and charts a personalised learning path for the learner.


  •  Finding learning gaps across grades and across domains
  •  Eliminating guess and carelessness
  •  Finding "why" learning gaps exist
  •  Assessing at the level of the learner
  •  Grouping based on knowledge levels

Anectodes from the field

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