Jungroo's AI powered platform makes learning personalised to the needs of each and every student. Jungroo enables educators and education organizations to help each and every student grow and succeed.


Jungroo locates the student precisely at a micro level and finds the shortest learning path to mastery for each student.


Educators get customised teaching plans that is meaningful and actionable about each student, groups and classroom to better cater to the unique student needs.


Organisations get year long monitoring, evaluation and comprehensive reporting using learning level data of all students, educators and classrooms across the organisation

Faster Diagnosis

Jungroo uses Reinforcement learning algorithms to precisely locate the learner with minimum possible questions.

Adaptive Learning Framework

Jungroo provides Adaptive Learning framework for organizations who want to make their own adaptive contents or make their existing contents adaptive.

Shortest path to mastery

Jungroo predicts the shortest path to mastery for every learner with minimum possible interactions.

Seamless Integration

Apart from having a full stack solution, Jungroo provides APIs and SDKs for seamless integration with your existing system.


Content Manager


Anecdotes From Field

"In Bhumi where we deal with mixed age group kids, the main challenge is how we identify the level of kids without bombarding the kids with multiple assessments. Here Jungroo’s adaptive assessment holds good scope in reducing the assessment time and the iterations too."




Anecdotes From Field

"No one could have understood us better than Jungroo. Kudos to Cibe and his team for being this quick and supportive throughout the testing phase. Since we deal with young kids we wanted the platform to be extremely easy to use and user friendly. We think this one will serve our purpose perfect!"


Program Manager


Anecdotes From Field

"Really innovative idea which gave me a clarity on the assessments which I struggled with. Made me visualize knowledge as a semantic network built over the other. Gave me insights about the classroom which otherwise I wouldn't have got."

Satheesh Ravi

Ignite Associate


Anecdotes From Field

"Jungroo, not only eliminated the fear of tests but also made the kids more excited about taking assessments. Their energy levels went up by a notch. Many of the kids didn't even realise during the start that they were doing an assessment, I guess that Spoke volumes about this platform. Must have platform for organisations to make learning much more simpler and personalised for kids!"

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Sep 14

Jungroo's Adaptive Engine

The Technology behind Jungroo's Adaptive Engine.
Oct 1

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